Loren Jackson Photography

I was confident in my workflow, and was currently editing my weddings in under 2 hours, so I thought hiring an editor would be a waste of money.  I was sure it would take too long to teach her my style and I would just spend more time making corrections to her edits.  But I’m all about trying something at least once, and so many friends were recommending that I try a personal editor.

Since hiring Jen, I have had more freedom in my personal life. The self-care that is happening this wedding season is unlike anything I have been able to experience since starting my business, and I attribute all of that to hiring Jen!  She picked up on my style very quickly and I’m even able to maintain my quick turnaround time of less than 10 days.

She has made it possible to be a present momma instead of busy wedding photographer.




Nicole Klym Photography

I was so disappointed in my current editing company and looking for a one-on-one experience where I could expect consistent results.  

Jen is responsive and informative, she always allows my critiques and works from them and bases her workflow off of reference images to better guide the expected results I need on a wedding’s edits (something my previous service didn’t accept, silly.)  

I’ve had a quicker turnaround time to my clients and I’m looking forward to more “free” time (what’s that?!) to put towards  growing my business instead of spending hours and hours on editing.


Gari-Ann Kia Photography

I've had the opportunity to take on more work because my time isn't spent editing. I added 25% more income in this last year due to having more time to add on extra sessions (without feeling overwhelmed.)

I also had the time to improve my backend business systems, put more effort into in-person & social media networking/marketing, and blogging. I would never have the time to do all this if I didn't have Jen on my team doing my editing.

Jen edits better than I do!! The consistency and timeliness is amazing.


Private photo editor client testimonial

testimonial for jen kaiser private photo editor for wedding photographers

Kristen Dyer Photography

Thanks to Jen, I no longer worry every night about how much time I’ll be spending in the office, working on images instead of spending time with my family and friends.  I now spend WAY less time editing and tweaking my images, and receive compliments on how well everything flows together and how incredibly fast I’m able to get my galleries back to my clients.

Before I found Jen, I was overwhelmed with my workload, but feared that outsourcing would be too big of an expense.  Now, I send my images to Jen and have them back in less than a week.  I’m able to blog each wedding within three days and send the final gallery off to my clients in 2-3 weeks.  

More than that, Jen is such a communicator!!  If I have a question, she is always willing to help in any shape or form - she’s incredibly patient and understanding and she always gets back to me within 12-24 hours or less.  In return, I’m happy to support Jen so that she can also spend more time with her family and work as a stay at home mom.

I’m enjoying spending more quality time WITH my current and future clients and am always looking forward to ENJOYING summer and not being stuck inside my office, working on a computer.  


Alexandra Mandato Photography

I was overwhelmed and behind with editing, but I was afraid that if I outsourced it would be impersonal and inconsistent.

However, my husband and I wanted to start a family and I knew that I needed to get a consistent routine prior to a baby coming.

Since hiring Jen I have more time to focus on work life balance. I struggled through a tough pregnancy, and couldn't have kept my head above water without Jen. Now as I prepare for baby I know it will be incredibly helpful while trying to balance my business and full time momma life!

I also receive compliments from my clients often that I turn around photos very quickly! She's experienced, consistent, and delivers what I'm expecting!


private photo editor client testimonial