Photo Editing

  • Adobe Lightroom

  • Color correction

  • Straightening

  • Noise reduction

  • Black & white conversion

  • Editing to match your style

There are so many “unknowns” with outsourcing. I’ve structured my business . to help alleviate as many fears as possible. This is a big step to take in your business, and I understand that. 

From the INITIAL STYLE CONSULT where we’ll talk through the process of outsourcing and have a personable coffee chat (via the internet, of course.) To the first few weddings when we’ll take it one step at a time, as I learn your style and provide helpful RESOURCES as needed. To the long-term relationship that allows you to go grow your business and REVIEW your business and editing needs at the end of each season or year.

That is why developing a close working relationship between the photographer and editor is so important to me.  I want to offer you a quality service that transfers easily to your own clients and serves your business well - not add to the stress of it!

So where do we go from here?

After you reach out, I will set-up a free consultation to make sure that we're a great fit.  We'll chat process, editing style and make sure that outsourcing is the best next step for you and your business.


Portfolio Review


  • Consistency

  • Color

  • Tones

  • Editing Style

  • Shooting Style

Feeling confident as a photographer can be a bit of a struggle.

First, there’s the the #comparisongame, that snatches up your creative joy.

Then there’s the abundance of editing presets and style options.

Before you know it, you’re right in the middle of decision fatigue and feeling 100% overwhelmed. You can hardly see the forest between the trees - and every style you try or preset you apply (see what I did there…) looks mediocre at best.

Sometimes, just having another pair of eyes on your images gives you a fresh start. Someone who provides a detailed, and honest feedback can rejuvinate your approach to photography and your style as a whole.

A portfolio review will provide a comprehensive look to your current photography skills and techniques and your photography style. With a detailed questionnaire and an in-depth look at your porfolio, my goal is to help you create a fun, step by step plan to get your images to where you want them to be.