5 Things To Consider As You Develop Your Editing Style

There are five important things to consider every time you adjust and/or develop your editing style and following these five things has helped me considerably as I journey through the transitions of my photography and business. 

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Preparing Clients for Time Off: Creative Business Feature Loren Jackson

Communication with clients is key when you’re going to step away from your business for a short or extended period of time! Today Loren Jackson of Loren Jackson Photography is sharing some top tips to make this process seamless. Learn to take time off in your business, rest, recover, and still provide an excellent client experience.

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Who Is a Photo Editor And What Do They Do?

I work with women from all across the nation, spanning from Arizona, to New Jersey, Texas and New York!  They are strong, wonderful women,  They are daughters, sisters, wives, and moms.  And they have reached a point in their own businesses where they have found a need to start "outsourcing" some of their business tasks in order to maintain their business and their lives.

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I needed something different.
10 Tasks You Can Focus On After Outsourcing