It’s nice to meet you! My name is Jen Kaiser, and I’m so glad you’re here.

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I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur and registered nurse based in Ohio. Everyday I’m finding my balance between a love for business, creativity, and health. That’s what makes editing so perfect for me. I help other women achieve their big dreams and better focus on the things that matter most.

My favorite color is green, and I’m slightly obsessed with learning new skills. Current project I’m tackling is sewing.

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Before the sun is up, you can usually find me jumping out of bed bright and early (morning girl here!) excited for that first cup of coffee and a little mama quiet time.  The rest of my day is spent tripping over toys, chasing an energetic little one, or moving the mouse across the screen of high quality wedding images, bringing someone's fairy tale to life.

As a private photo editor for wedding photographers, I think it's safe to say I have a dream job of seeing beautiful weddings from the comfort of my home with some classical music playing (The Piano Guys is my fave) while my little one is in school, and our black labrador keeps me company at my feet.

If I'm not behind my computer than you'll be able to find me somewhere outside with my husband and our daughter; enjoying the quiet country life. I've taken a recent interest in gardening (I can hear my husband laughing - I said it was an interest, not that I'm a pro), and I'm finally busting out the Singer Curvy so I can learn to sew a thing or too around this cabin home of ours.

Most days we're out exploring the 700 acres of woods, ponds and fields beside our home.  But if not then we're probably driving back country roads or on a weekend trip, headed to another Field Trial for one of our two beautiful black labs.


Life truly is what you make it and I mean to make mine pretty darn good.

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Let me introduce my associate editor! Two years into business, I found the need to help serve additional photographers beyond my own capacity. This is Samantha - in some aspects, we’re kind of like night and day. Jen loves mornings, Samantha loves nights. Jen loves cooking and Samantha… well not so much. In other ways we’re perfectly alike. You’ll find two aspiring minimalists, who both love grocery shopping and working out. We’re all about that #health over here.


Owner - Lead editor


As a photographer, I was obsessed with the editing process. I couldn’t WAIT to import my images from a shoot and bring them to life. I was always editing, always trying to improve my workflow and style.

I have been editing full-time for almost two years. In that time, I’ve come to love helping clients find consistency in their editing, streamline their workflow, and make the most of their days once again.


Associate Editor


I have been a photographer for five years, and I’ve always loved editing. When I saw an opportunity to turn that love into a career opportunity, I was over the moon excited.

I’m a wife with two little girls and one boy and if I’m not editing, I’m sure you can find me with my family or at Target. I’m a helper by nature, and it’s truly my pleasure to help you grow your dreams and get back to the things you love most.


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